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BPC claims record with tallest precast building

Bahrain Precast Concrete (BPC) has set a world record by producing the tallest load-bearing precast concrete superstructure building in the world.

Standing at over 150m, the Breaker Tower in Seef, Bahrain has precast elements that were designed, produced, and erected by the company in May 2014. In fact, with this project, BPC has broken its own record as builder of the tallest precast concrete building in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region which was earlier held by the Shehab Executive Tower – a twin 24-storey office building also in Seef, Bahrain.

BPC’s scope of work for The Breaker was to design, produce, deliver and erect the precast concrete elements, which included 2,593 shear walls, columns, beams, solid slabs and staircases.

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